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Our Curriculum and Ofsted

At Cricklade Pre-School Playgroup we follow the Early Years Foundation Stage,
a framework set out by the Department of Education, which recognises the overall
nature of development and learning of children from birth to Primary age.

The aim of our curriculum is to support children to develop the skills and knowledge they need to reach their full potential and understand the world around them and to give them the curiosity and confidence to experience and try new things in a safe caring environment.

 We use a combination of both adult planned activities and child led opportunities both indoors and outside.

We use the development matters guidance and the Practitioners knowledge of child development to provide activities that cover all of the seven areas of the curriculum.

The prime areas of learning are

. Personal, social and emotional development

. Communication and language development

. Physical development

The specific areas of learning are

. Literacy

. Mathematics

. Understanding the world

. Expressive arts and design

We use observations, planning, assessments and our knowledge of our children to create and extend exciting learning opportunities.

We work with the parents and share 2yr old progress updates, next steps and termly updates so parents are involved in their learning and we encourage feedback from the parents to give us a full rounded picture of the Childs interests, skills and development in the home environment as well as the preschool.

We encourage the children to become independent learners and to foster a love of books.  We also celebrate cultural diversity and festivities through activities and play.

All children are supported in developing their potential at their own pace. Our Key Person system enables us to ensure a curriculum tailored to the needs of each individual child, based on EYFS which prepares children to progress with confidence to Key Stage 1 at Primary School.

Our last Ofsted inspection in 2023 was rated GOOD.

Early Years Foundation Stage

Ofsted is the Government regulator responsible for ensuring all nurseries in the U.K. meet certain stringent standards such as ratios of staff to children, first aid trained members and the acceptable number of NVQ/GCSE qualified staff.

Regular thorough inspections are carried out by specially trained professionals to make sure these standards continue to be met. Our aim is to not only meet these standards in our day to day running of the Pre-School but also to surpass them and strive to go that extra mile.

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